Best Onion Goggles with Knife and Chopped Onions

Finding the Best Onion Goggles: A Comprehensive Review

Before purchasing onion goggles, we have decided to embark on an analytical and detailed exploration to find the best onion goggles available. Our choices will be based on previous reviews and product availability. We will also determine whether using onion goggles is necessary and effective, drawing from extensive online reviews and insights from Amazon.

Our search journey begins on the world's largest marketplace, Amazon, known for its convenience and vast selection. They offer a variety of onion goggles that promise to keep those tear-inducing onions at bay. Say goodbye to tearing up while preparing your favorite dishes.

But before we delve into our Amazon onion goggle search, let's first understand why onions make us cry in the first place. This knowledge will help us appreciate the reviews of these onion goggles before investing our hard-earned money.

We've all been there – you're excited to cook that delicious recipe you found on TikTok,, or handed down by your grandma. Then you see those dreaded words – "cut onions," "dice onions," "slice onions." Your eyes start to tingle at the mere thought of it. But why?

The process of cutting an onion and experiencing tears is a result of a complex biochemical reaction. It involves enzymes, specific compounds, and the interaction of these substances with your eyes and tear ducts. Let's break down the molecular process:

Enzymes and Sulfur Compounds: Onions contain enzymes known as alliinases and sulfur compounds, like S-propylcysteine sulfoxide (SPCSO). These compounds are stored separately within the onion's cells to prevent the release of pungent sulfur compounds.

Cell Damage: Cutting into an onion disrupts its cellular structure, breaking cell walls and allowing enzymes and sulfur compounds to mix.

Conversion of Sulfur Compounds: Alliinases catalyze the conversion of SPCSO into syn-propanethial-S-oxide, or "onion lachrymatory factor." This conversion serves as a defense mechanism against herbivores and pests.

Release of Propanethial S-oxide: Propanethial S-oxide is a volatile organic compound, less dense than air, and quickly rises into the air when you cut an onion.

Gas Rising to the Eyes: Due to its lower density, Propanethial S-oxide moves upwards, diffusing into the air around your eyes and face.

Interaction with Eye Surface: When Propanethial S-oxide contacts the surface of your eyes, it reacts with your natural tears, forming a weak sulfuric acid (H2SO4) on the moist eye surface.

Irritation and Tears: This sulfuric acid irritates your eyes, stimulating nerve endings and causing a burning sensation. In response, your eyes produce more tears (lacrimation) to dilute and wash away the acid.

Tear Production: Lacrimal glands above your eyes produce tears that serve various functions, including lubrication, protection, and foreign substance removal. Increased tear production helps alleviate irritation.

Blinking and Flushing: Blinking helps distribute tears evenly, and the continuous process of tear production, blinking, and flushing removes the irritant and any remaining Propanethial S-oxide.

In summary, cutting an onion releases Propanethial S-oxide gas, which interacts with eye moisture, forming a mild sulfuric acid. This acid irritates your eyes, leading to tearing, a natural defense mechanism to flush and dilute the irritant, protecting your eyes.

Now that we understand why onions make us cry and the properties of onion gas, let's continue our quest to find the best onion goggles on Amazon. Two crucial factors to note are that onion gas is lighter than air, quickly rising to your face, and that onion gas can still irritate your nose and eyes despite wearing onion goggles, due to sensitive membranes in your nose and the nasolacrimal duct.

The Best Onion Goggles Review Process:

Here's where it gets interesting. We searched "Onion Goggles" on Amazon and were presented with seven pages of results, including lab safety goggles and swimming goggles. We focused on the first page, where we encountered various options, each with its own unique features.

The first option that caught our attention was from NoCry, a brand known for producing goggles designed to fit over eyeglasses. They offered industrial goggles for $19.99 and regular protective goggles for $11.99. We examined the reviews, specifically those mentioning onions, to gauge their effectiveness.

We found eight reviews, with ratings ranging from 3 to 5 stars. Some users reported issues with fit and fogging, while others praised their ability to prevent tears while cutting onions. However, one review raised suspicions about authenticity. Additionally, the claim that they were so comfortable that the user forgot they were wearing them after an hour seemed questionable.

The next option, the Supermore Anti-fog Safety Goggles priced at $12.99, garnered positive onion-related reviews. Users appreciated their affordability but noted occasional issues with vision obstruction and fogging. Overall, they seemed promising in preventing onion-induced tears.

Next, we explored the Fresh Menu Kitchen Onion Goggles, priced at $21.99. However, these goggles received mixed reviews, primarily due to poor fit and fogging. Their average rating of 3.9 stars from 47 ratings left us less enthusiastic about their effectiveness.

The Magid Z87 goggles, with no onion-related reviews, were skipped, leading us to the Haleems Onion Goggles, priced at $19.99. They had an average rating of 4.0 from 359 reviews. Unfortunately, many reviews indicated that these goggles did not effectively prevent tears when cutting onions.

Our investigation led us to the RSVP International Onion Goggles, priced between $21.37 and $24.93, with an average rating of 4.2 stars. Reviews suggested that while they provided a snug fit for some users, others experienced issues with fit and fogging.

After extensive research and review analysis, we concluded that the Supermore Anti-fog Safety Goggles, priced at $12.99, were the best onion goggles on Amazon. They may not be the most stylish, but they excel at their primary purpose—preventing onion-induced tears.

However, the fundamental question remains: Do onion goggles work, and is there a better way to cut onions without crying? While onion goggles offer some relief, they do not guarantee a tear-free experience for everyone. That's why you often see onion-cutting hacks on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. But stay tuned, as The Laughing Onion, a 100% effective solution to stop onions from making you cry, is in development. Sign up for our prelaunch waiting list to learn more and be among the first to experience tear-free onion cutting.

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