Man crying while cutting onions

We Asked ChatGPT All The Methods Used to STOP Onion Tears - None Worked, Except We Added One That Did!

Cutting onions can cause tears due to the release of a volatile compound called syn-propanethial-S-oxide when the onion cells are damaged. Various methods have been devised to minimize or prevent tears when cutting onions. Here's a comprehensive list of these methods and a humerous commentary about how none of them work except for one. - Spoiler alert - None of them work 100%  except for number 16:

      1. Chilling the Onion: Place the onion in the refrigerator or freezer for about 15 minutes before cutting. The cold temperature can slow down the release of the irritating compounds. - The onion is not cold enough prevent the chemical reaction from taking place. A fridge that can cool somethign in 15 minutes is a keeper!

      2. Use a Sharp Knife: A sharp knife causes less damage to the onion's cell walls, reducing the amount of irritating compounds released. - Nobody cuts with a knife sharp enough to not cause damage to the onion cells. 

      3. Cutting Under Running Water: Cutting the onion under a stream of running water can help wash away the irritants before they reach your eyes. - The diced onion pieces escape everywhere.

      4. Chop Underwater: Submerge the onion in a bowl of water while cutting it. This method can prevent the irritants from reaching your eyes, but you cannot chop properly and have little onion pieces floating everywhere.

      5. Wear Goggles: Specialized onion-cutting goggles or even regular swimming goggles can create a barrier between your eyes and the irritants, but the gas goes through your nose, crosses the nasolacrimal duct and into your eyes. You now have goggles full of tears.

      6. Light a Candle: Some people believe that lighting a candle near the cutting board can help burn off the irritants before they reach your eyes. - Candles are great for light and setting the mood but they certainly don't attract gasses. This is not the movies people! 

      7. Chew Gum: Chewing gum while cutting onions may help reduce tears by encouraging breathing through the mouth rather than the nose, which can decrease the amount of irritants inhaled. - The fumes reach the eyes where they wreak havoc on your mucous membranes and tear ducts.

      8. Use a Ventilation Fan: Position a fan near your cutting area to blow the irritant compounds away from your face. - Great concept but the size limitations in our kitchens makes it inconvenient.

      9. Wet a Paper Towel: Dampen a paper towel and place it on the cutting board to help absorb the irritants. Paper towel cannot absorb something that is rising. It defies the laws of physics.

      10. Use a Bread Slice: Placing a piece of bread in your mouth, with the crust sticking out, is thought to absorb some of the irritants before they reach your eyes. - Soggy bread, and crying eyes and how do you see what you are doing?

      11. Cutting Onions Underwater Surface: Submerging the cutting board and the onion under a shallow layer of water while cutting may help prevent the release of irritants into the air. A round onion difficult enough to cut now add water and you have a slip and slide.

      12. Freeze the Onion Before Cutting: Some people recommend freezing the onion for about 30 minutes before cutting to reduce the amount of irritants released. - How do you cut a frozen onion? You don't because you can't it is solid! No onion tears because nothing is chopped. 

      13. Microwave the Onion: Briefly microwaving the whole onion before cutting can help break down the enzymes responsible for the release of irritants. - It seems unsafe!

      14. Use Onion Goggles: Specialized goggles designed for cutting onions are available in the market to shield your eyes from irritants. - This is a repeat, and they dont work because the tear producing onion gas takes an alternative route to your eyes via the nasolacrimal duct!.

      15. Cut Onions Near Steam: Steam from a boiling kettle or pot can help counteract the irritants released by onions. - It also seems unsafe to be cutting around steam. 

      16. The Laughing Onion: The Laughing Onion is the first-ever solution to completely prevent tears while chopping, slicing, or cutting onions. Its cutting-edge technology absorbs tear-inducing onion gas, ensuring that your eyes remain dry and happy throughout your chopping experience. 

Visit our website and discover the magic of tear-free chopping and produce preservation. It's time to cook with a smile, and the Laughing Onion is here to make it happen.

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